Anthem residents support local family…

A few years ago a very tragic event occurred here in Anthem Arizona (the community in which I live).  A father while innocently backing out of his driveway did not see his 6 year old daughter behind the car.  Poor Emma was killed.

Over the past three years since, the residents of Anthem have rallied around the family to offer both emotional and financial aid to the grief stricken parents.  The folks at We Care of Anthem have coordinated a 5k/10k fundraising event for Emma’s family.  This year marks the third annual Emma’s run.  My real esatate company, Windermere Real Estate is one of the main sponsors of this year’s event.  Last weekend our office conducted a fundraising event at Anthem Days whereby we raised $950 to be donated to Emma’s run.  The run is scheduled for April 12th.

This event exemplifies why I love the community of Anthem as much as I do.  My business partner, Ben Bailey, and I will be running in the race as well.  We’ll post some pictures.


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