Anthem AZ Real Estate – Important notice about water rates…

Dear Anthem Residents:

As you know, I have been concerned about the water and wastewater increases
sought by Arizona American Water.  You have indicated to me that you share
these concerns.  I believe that these rate hikes are tied to an agreement
between Del Webb (now Pulte) and Arizona American Water (formerly Citizens)
wherein the infrastructure charges were not included in the purchase price
of the home.   I believe that without proper disclosure, these costs were
deferred by the water company and Pulte until such time as the agreement
called for these costs, believed to be in excess of 80 million dollars, were
to be re-paid to Pulte through rate increases.

I have contacted the law firm of Kasdan Simonds Riley and Vaughan and
discussed these issues with them.  I am excited to report that following
their review of documents and evidence I have provided, they not only
believe that we have a case, but they have offered to accept the case on a
contingency fee basis, with any fees and costs deducted only upon recovery.
They will charge no up front fees or costs.  Upon successful resolution
(settlement or trial), their fee is computed and deducted and then incurred
expenses are deducted, with the balance distributed to the clients.  

Their plan is to bring the action as a class action on behalf of all Anthem
residents that reside on the east side of I17, original and resale

I have agreed to be a named plaintiff and a class representative.  The firm
would like to list between 5 and 10 individuals as named plaintiffs and
class representatives.  The managing partner of the firm is Stephen Weber.
If you are interested, please send an e-mail to his administrative
assistant, Denise Ochoa, at  <>  You can also call Stephen at (602) 224-7800.

The firm has indicated that it will meet with those interested in being
class representatives sometime next week here in Anthem.  They will respond
to your e-mail with the time and location.

Bob Golembe

PS: Please forward this note to other Anthem residents on your email
distribution list so they may have an opportunity to respond to this


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