‘Tis the Season…(Photos and prose by Ben Bailey)

Tis the season for balloons in the North Valley, that is. I know this isn’t much of a Phoenix real estate related post, but we think that every now and again, it’s nice to show people what we get to see every morning living here in the North Valley. If I had a camera with me on 11/26, you would be looking at the same picture only with 11 more balloons in it. Living here in the North Valley of Phoenix, as long as the wind isn’t too rough, we see this kind of sight a few times a day.

Here is a picture of one I took flying over my home one morning. It was so close, and perhaps the picture doesn’t do it enough justice, but I could hear a normal volume conversation from the basket of the balloon. In fact, in their flight path, they nearly touched the roof of the neighbors across the street. Personally, unless I’m in a large plane, I prefer to keep my feet as close to the ground as possible, but this is kind of ridiculous, don’t you think?

In this photo taken from my front door, you can see that the balloon in the previous photo landed in the street directly to the south of my home. These pilots are quite good, and if the wind is right, they can land them quite literally on a dime.

When we’re not dodging balloons, we’re working with clients to find the best deals in Phoenix real estate, or we’re helping them sell their homes, but we think it’s important to get out and smell the roses occasionally.

For more information about Anthem, Phoenix, and Scottsdale AZ real estate please visit: www.ArizonaPremiereLiving.com.


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