Anthem Real Estate – Market report July 2011

Although we continued to see the volume of sales taper off in the Anthem real estate market the average sale price ratcheted up for the second straight month.  In addition, we actually saw a year over year increase of 11% in the average sale price.  The number of homes on market is inche up again to 169, but  the number of homes currently under contract also edged up.  Year over year sales have fallen by 70%.  The average list price is also continuing to move up, which says sellers are starting to get more confident.  We don’t want to jump the gun, but it looks like the  Anthem real estate market is steadily becoming a seller’s market.  Here are the numbers for July 2011:

July ’11       June ’11        July vs. June      July ’11 vs. ’10

# of homes Sold                          25                   33                  -24%                      -70%

Average Sale Price             $249,847  $204,616              22%                        11%

Average List Price             $253,762   $210,932              20%                       12%

Sale Price % of List Price   99%              97%                          2%                        -1%

Avg. Price per Sq. Ft.       $94.91      $88.88                         8%                         6%

Avg. D.O.M. for Sales          106              109                           -3%                        23%

Highest Sale Price         $530,000  $515,000                     3%                          3%

Lowest Sale Price           $102,000    $82,000                   24%                        -3%

To get a free market valuation of YOUR home call Jerry 602-334-3757 or Ben 480-220-8022

For more information about Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Anthem real estate visit


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