Anthem home prices – Things are stabilizing…

No doubt Anthem real estate prices have been hit hard by the downturn in the market over the past four years.  But upon close analysis we’re seeing that prices may have hit bottom and are truly stabilizing:

I’ve compiled a quick analysis of home prices in Anthem over the past five years through present (August 6th, 2011 as of this post):

Average Sale Price                      % Change Y.O.Y.

2011 (thru 8/6/11)                                   $215,141                                              -1.5%

2010                                                                $218,339                                             -0.1%

2009                                                                $218,452                                            -21.9%

2008                                                                $279,788                                           -25.3%

2007                                                                $374,373                                           -10.7%

2006                                                                 $419,438                                            +4.7%

As you can see the worst is behind us, having taken the largest hit between 2007 and 2009.  The supply of available homes for sale has been dwindling in Anthem over the past year or so.  The next place for prices to start heading is upward.  With interest rates at historic lows now is the time to be buying in Anthem.

For a free current valuation of your home please call Jerry at 602-334-3757 or Ben at 480-220-8022.

And for more information about Phoenix and Scottsdale area real estate please visit:


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