Morning Hike Up Daisy Mtn. in Anthem, AZ

This morning I decided to forgo my usual exercise program opting instead for something I’ve wanted to do since I moved my family to Anthem, AZ in May:  Hike Daisy Mountain.  I know these kinds of hikes well…  The big, dominating hill in the area looks intimidating, but as you approach it, it begins to look a little smaller which gives the hiker a slight sense of euphoria–a kind of, ‘this is going to be easier than I thought’ feeling–that is soon eclipsed by the reality that this IS a big dominating hill that is not conquered without some difficulty.  That’s it in a nutshell.

I drove from my house about 1.5 miles to the trailhead located in Anthem Country Club off of Silver Pine and began a 2.1 mile hike that, plotting it out on Google Earth, gains about 1,300 feet in elevation.  I decided I would jog when I could and move as quickly as I could when the terrain got a little tougher, and taking that approach, I was able to reach the flag in about 45 mins.  Perhaps I might have made better time had I not stopped to take pictures, which I have included.

I met a group of 3 60-something gentlemen who routinely do this and explained that there is also a loop that works around the base of Daisy Mtn. that can be included as part of the hike and brings the distance somewhere closer to 11 miles.  I hope when I’m 60-something that I’m still able to keep up with guys like that.

There is an American flag planted in the North Peak of Daisy Mtn. (the North Peak appears to be just slightly higher than the South Peak) that makes for a good place to catch your breath, have a snack, and decide whether you want to turn around, or keep going.  I had work to do and I was tired, so my decision was easy.  I parted ways with the gentlemen that I had met on the way up to the flag, and headed back down the mountain which would have been easier going would it not have been for the loose and slippery terrain.

All in all, it is a great hike for those who don’t mind the wear and tear on the knees and ankles, and the views are extremely rewarding.  The people you meet along the way are friendly like neighbors–well, I guess if you live in Anthem, AZ, they ARE your neighbors.


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