Anthem, AZ Five Year Trend…


The average home in Anthem now sells for approximately $215,000.  The photos above are what you can buy for $215,000 here in Anthem, AZ.  3 or 4 bedrooms, approximately 2,600-2,700 sq. ft., with a pool.   In an award winning master planned community that includes community pool, state of the art fitness center, water park, kids playgrounds, soccer fields, volleyball courts, baseball fields, walking trails, skateboard park, and a train.  Not bad eh?

Prices in Anthem have stabilized over the past three years (see chart below).  Although the number of sales fell off slightly from 2010, we are well above the sales we saw at the nadir of our market back in 2007/08.  Homes are selling much quicker,  on average just under 3 months after being placed on the market, as compared to 5 months back in 2007.  And although we wouldn’t expect prices to rise dramatically over the next year, right now seems to be THE time to purchase a home here in Anthem.

2011                2010            2009            2008                2007

Homes Sold              970                 1,025           1,120              840                   475

Avg. Sale Price   $213,306       $218,339   $218,452    279,778  $374,353

Price per sq. ft.       $89.42          $90.58         $90.44      $113.78      $159.56

Days on market         87                    91                    88               124                    148

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