Anthem Country Club – Market Analysis

Anthem Country Club homes have held their values pretty well over the past three years (see chart below).   The average sale price has only declined by 3% over the past three years.  Meanwhile the price per sq. ft. has remained virtually unchanged.  Homes are selling with a 3-4 month time frame signaling that the Anthem Country Club has been in a balanced market for the past few years.  Already 2012 is showing signs of a rising market for Anthem Country Club homes.

2009                         2010                          2011

Avg. Sale Price                 $314,680                 $315,450                $307,284

Avg. Price per Sq. Ft.       $112.34                    $112.61                   $112.52

Avg. Days on Mkt.                  99                                90                                95

To receive a free market analysis on the value of your Anthem Country Club home please call Jerry Murphy at 602-334-3757 or e-mail

And to search for Anthem or Phoenix/Scottsdale homes please visit:


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