Anthem, AZ Real Estate Market Report – May 2012

The Anthem real estate market continues to remain hot.  The number of sold homes dipped a bit in May as well as the average sale price.  However, that statistic is volatile from month to month because it is subject to the size of the homes being sold and the price level of those home that do sell in any particular month.  The real tell tell signs of our market improvement are the price per square foot, sale price to list price ratio and the 12 month moving average.  All have risen lately.  In fact, this is the fourth consecutive month we’ve seen an increase in the 12 month moving average, signaling a trend in our rising home prices here in Anthem.  Here are the numbers for April 2012:

Apr ’12    Mar ’12    Apr ’11     Apr. v. Mar. ’12     Apr. v. Apr. ‘11

Sold                      35              50               48                   -30%                            -27%


Sale Price     $206,823  $248,469  $189,144    – 17%                            +9%


List Price      $207,223 $251,902  $192,020    -18%                            +8%

Sale Price/

List Price         100%               99%              99           + 1%                             + 1%

Price per

Sq. Ft.                $101.20      $98.13       $88.88        + 3%                           +14 %


on Market           81              142                127            -43%                           -36%

Highest Sold   $390,000    $549,000      $610,000

Lowest Sold     $128,750     $111,500          $91,500

If ever you have any questions about the Anthem real estate market, or would like to get a free market analysis for your home, please give me a call at 602-334-3757 or e-mail at

And to search for other Phoenix/Scottsdale area homes please visit:


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