Anthem Country Club Commmunity Association Board of Directors Meeting……

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The Anthem Country Club Community Association Board of Director’s meeting will be held tonight, Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 6:30PM at the Anthem Civic Building.  All residents are encouraged to come.

Anthem Loves Dogs Meeting…..



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Don’t make us BEG for a dog park in Anthem… 


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AnthemLovesDogs Meeting





Tuesday, May 6th

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Anthem Civic Building

Arts & Crafts Room

Join us at this meeting to discuss the

future of a dog park in Anthem.

We need your HELP!

We need your SUPPORT!

We need you to ATTEND!

We need a grassy leash-free area to exercise our dogs

and a place to socialize with other dog owners.

Register online at:

 Dog Park Picture #3

Help us create a dog park!





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